Workshops, artist residencies and other activities related to mapping

The International Mapping Festival of Girona also hosts other activities connected to mapping, like curated projects, courses, meetings or dining experiences.

The Blendercat Association organises a free intensive mapping course. This workshop, which has been thought up with International Mapping Contest participants in mind, is open to anyone who wishes to participate—so long as their are vacancies left—and is aimed at bringing new energy into the field of artistic creation in the area, while also highlighting visual arts' educational value.

Bòlit, the Contemporary Art Centre of Girona, will be organising—for the second year in a row—a grant for a year-long artist fellowship in their centre's facilities. The goal is for the awarded artist to present his proposal at the International Mapping Festival's Contest. This year the proposal made by the artist who won last year's grant will be projected at the festival.

Moreover, the FIMG also offers activities that have been commissioned for the festival, such the the Festival's Inauguration Night (Friday the 31st of July), which will be the first 3D mapping to take place in Spain.