Initiation + 3D

Introduction to Mapping Modular + 3d Impresion

The Mapping video is one of the newest digital audiovisual techniques, based on adjust precisely the video image to an object, area or volume. In this technique, the most famous and requested technique is Building Mapping or Architectural Mapping. 

This workshop will overcome the initial level and investigate in Camera Mapping, multiscreen, stage design and 3D Impression.  


Taught by Telenoika, Punt Multimedia and Tk lab.



It's necessary to have previous knowledges in digital audiovisual creation with different techniques and technologies, video edition, postproduction, 3D or graphic design to participate in the workshop and to acquire the lesson's knowledges. (After Effects, Illustator, Cinema4D, 3DMax). 



Background and Theory:
1. Video Mapping; Light and perspective to the picture tradition
2. Examples of using the light
3. Examples of using the perspective
4. Illusionism; Tramp O'l'eil and Anamorphosis
5. From squaring to framing
6. Back to Melíes

1. Lumens in the street; Telenoika Video Attacks
2. Backgrounds and first projects; Pablo Valbuena, Ecien Decrecy, Exyyst, AntiVJ
3. Different applications; Mapping Building, Light Sculpture, Ligth Painting...
4. Beyond Mapping: Isam, Interactiu...

Tècniques de VideoMapping:

1- VideoMapping, superposition of realities

2- Equipament:

  • Video Projectors
  • Optics for video projection
  • Reflex Digital Knowledges
  • Optics for Photography
  • 3D Scanner
  • "Player" + MediaServer
  • Graphic Cards + Modules of Graphic Expansion 
  • Video Signal; DVI , Vga, Display Port
  • Systems of sync with external elements


3- Programming:

  • Correction of digital photography (Photoshop or similar)
  • Graphic Design (Illustrator or similar)
  • 3D Creation (3DMax, C4D, Blender or similar)
  • Video composition and creation (After Effects or similar)
  • Creation and composition of original music and sound effects (Live, Reaktor, Nuendo or similar)
  • Video edition
  • "Player" in live + Warping tools (WarpMap, MadMapper, Resolume or similar)

4- Project

  • Technical project:
  • Technical study
  • Measures and references
  • Distance, Shooting and projector optical
  • Audience ubication
  • Study of lightning conditions
  • Projection or multiprojection
  • Photo camera position + optics
  • Correction Perspective
  • Election of project resolution
  • Model 3D and 2D 


Creative project:

  • Conceptual approach
  • Documentation and Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Creation of Script
  • Different techniques of audiovisual creation
  • Languages and narrative challenges
  • AV Synchrony
  • Mastering Audio and Video



  • Technical assembly: tests and adjustments 
  • Warping (squaring Vector 2D)
  • Blending (only multi projection)


Mapping Practices:

1. WarpMap
2. MadMapper + Syphon +  8 Module
3. Approach of a small-scale Mapping project for the workshop



10 a 20 students