Stereoscopic and VR

The future of Mapping is stereoscopic and VR 360

Onionlab Team will show you the technic to create amazing stereoscopic effects to work on mappings and motion graphics content. We will also learn how to create VR videos to play on youtube or google cardboard.



  • 3D Theory
  • Stereoscopic setup of diferent scenes
  • Workflow of the scenes with Cinema4D and After effects
  • VR setup of scenes.


In the motion graphics creation part we will go through an wide range of techniques focussing on creating 3D content with cinema4D.

We will show some production proven techniques covering dynamics, building complex shaders, utilizing Mograph, Hair, Thinking Particles and an introduction to xpresso. Additionally we’ll show you some (free) plugins and 3rd party tools that’ll speed up your productivity. We go through rendering and lighting, and then we dive into aftereffects for some post-work and preparation for VR uses.



Mike Van Der Noordt - 3d Specialist at Onionlab
Jordi Pont – Project Manager at Onionlab



Participants: 15



The participants should have a computer with Cinema4D and After Effects installed